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    International Research Group on urban and rural land property development

    Research Directors:

    Esther MuƱiz Espada. University of Valladolid
    Sergio Nasarre Aznar. University Rovira i Virgili

    The International Research Group on Urban and rural property development (GIPUR) has the goal to agglutinate all the works and research fields carried out by a group of researchers, spanish but also international researchers, in the field of rural property and housing. As means to unify efforts, in this group are included the Research Group on Eurohypothec –a common mortgage for Europe—but also the Research Group on European Civil Law and the Research Group on Housing, University of Valladolid and University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona.

    Finally, within the GIPUR the Legislation Observatory on Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Feeding Products, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino, continues its studies on this field.




    The Group has three primary fields of research: a) to detect difficulties, the costs and the problems in the transnational lending field, b) to describe the legal situation of the mortgage in each European country, and c), finally, to compile the scholarship doctrine about both topics: the eurohypothec and the compared mortgage law.

    The goal is to detect whatever would be the COMMON CORE of the mortgages throughout Europe to propone then a MODEL OF EUROHYPOTHEC, and a European Directive Proposal on the Eurohypothec.

    Legislation Observatory on agriculture

    The legal frame is a decisive factor in the development and behaviour of the economic activity. This legal frame has, in the case of agriculture, fisheries and human feed products sector, a special complexity, with many different levels of rules (set up by the European union, central government and regional authorities) and a huge variety of subjects within its scope.

    European Private Law Research Group

    This Research Group was conceived to achieve ambitious goals in the field of european private law, in a real defining moment once the comparative law studies have acquired a new dimension within the stream of the harmonization movement, and finally towards a future unification (at least in certain aspects) of the european private law.
    The study of similarities and differences is fueled by the idea of discovery and construction of the common acquis, and it deserve an outlook to interrogate about the future directions of the european private law towards this before mentioned unification movement.

    Research Group on access to dwelling

    The research group has the aim to study alternatives methods of gaining rights on dwelling units, carrying out its research into comparative law as well into civil law institutions, those appertaining to the spanish civil law and the catalonian civil law, taking into account civil procedure rules and tax legislation.